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Twilight MMJ 28.10.2014

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  1. Hello !!
    Twilightgroups (www.Twilightgroups .com) is seeking 1-2 qualified Forum Members (See below) who would like do a grow journal in exchange for free LED lights! We believe this is the best way for you to see Twilightgroups Grow lights in action, and support the Community.

    Twilightgroups LED LIGHT FEATURES-
    1.Patented Design fixture special cooling system.

    2.Most powerful each 108w COB LED grow light in the current market.

    3.Full spectra from 380-850nm & white for the best grow effect

    4.Single 108watt LED with FULL Spectrum bands mutil-chips for the best mixture of different spectra, most

    5.2plugs which can be connected the lamp One by One.

    6.full spectrums: UV380 1PCS. IR730 1PCS, 6500K 2PCS, 440NM 4PCS, 460NM 6PCS, 580NM 1PCS, 610NM 1PCS, 630NM 4PCS, 660NM 10PCS

    How to be our growers:
    Now to be eligible for consideration for a Free twilightgroups LED Grow light, there are a few requirements that we must ask of you as the grower. Even if you don't meet all of the requirements, this does not rule you out of the selection, however, growers who do meet all the following conditions will be put 1st in the selection process.

    Here is the requirements to be eligible.​
    1. In order to be considered for a grower, you must be willing to do a full grow journal on this forum from clone/seed to harvest with our twilightgroups Gro lights.
    2. You must update your post one week at most after you received the led grow lights.

    3. If selected to receive a free LED lights, you must be willing to do at least 2 updates per week on your grow journal, with photos,videos and progress updates as well as help answer any questions to other members and/or help relay information from twilightgroups to the forum Member..

    4. To be eligible, We ask that you at least have 2 successful grow journals already completed at this forum . (please include links)

    5. If you have a youtube or Facebok or twitter channel in which you can do sharing,we will contact first.

    6.Please tell us your plan of the growing and your grow area .

    If you meet all of these above conditions and are interested in trying out a twilightgroups Gro LED grow light, please comment below or feel free to email us your information at

    **** Please include what method of growing (hydro, soil, other), what your current grow environment is, a link(s) to your past grow journals, what type of grow lights you have used in the past, and any other information that you would like to share with us that may help us pick you.

    For details on twilightgroups, please visit us at
  2. brylant

    brylant Zagubiony

    what exactly light are you offering? exact link please


  3. Modliszka

    Modliszka Kumaty

    Brylant mogł byś to streścić na polszczyzne ;f lama jestem z ang heh
  4. brylant

    brylant Zagubiony

    mysle ze google translator Ci pomoze w zrozumieniu warunkow bezproblemowo - ja niestety gonie czas kazdego dnia mi brakuje wiec sorry ale nie
  5. Am interested about it , but what exactly u mean bye led light , like brylant said?
  6. brylant

    brylant Zagubiony

    One thing worth mentiong is I really doubt any polish grower will post results on youtube/twitter/any kind of social media. I think its obvious why so wont be explaining that
  7. ZjaranyRasta

    ZjaranyRasta Tuptuś

    jak ktos ma chrome wystarczy kliknac prawym przyciskiem i wybrac przetlumacz na jezyk polski :)
  8. po co wklejają jakies gowna i ogłoszenia jak nie odpowiadają ? Skasowac To
  9. brylant

    brylant Zagubiony

    Domyslam sie ze jak obskoczyli 40 for to troche czasu schodzi zeby obskoczyc wszystkie - stawiam ze te polskie sa na ostatnim miejscu hehe
  10. Yes,truly it is our latest lights,spider cob led grow lights

    --- Dodano ---

    yes,it's that type of our light
  11. brylant

    brylant Zagubiony

    Thats cool but im not interested in simply because i dont have spare room to grow under your light only, otherwise great promotion for your brand, very cool indeed.
    Wish you luck
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