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New home for me ergo new home for girls :D

Dyskusja w dziale English Room rozpoczęta przez Highlander w dniu 19.12.2015

  1. Highlander

    Highlander Wiedza nadprzyrodzona

    As i've said before, I was going to move to the new place, and my girsl moved with me ;d However, they get also their new "home" and there it is ;d I know, the light should be much lower, but this is the place just right after installation. I will lift them up tommorrow :)

    Box is Secret Jardin 120/120/200. I've also installed them new exhaust fan 300m3/h.

    View attachment 63395

    View attachment 63396

    View attachment 63397

    View attachment 63398
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  2. Muzyk

    Muzyk poprzedni nick - Wiki

    Looks pretty nice ;d What strain is it? This thing on last photo, you are airing water, right?
  3. Highlander

    Highlander Wiedza nadprzyrodzona

    This is Blue Cream Caramel x 6 and some bonus seeds based on white widow x5 (2 in small pots in case I fuck up main lining with those bigger ones ;d And I am airing water to get higher humidity, because I am still awaiting my parcel with humidifier.... and from my experience when I was an aquarist, this should increase humidity much better than can with water without bubbles ;d

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