Nettle (Ukranian duckfoot)

Fogger 23.01.2013

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  1. Fogger

    Fogger Kumaty

    Hi all. I'd like to tell you about my stealth-strain.

    1. Harvest: begin of october (50° 0' latitude)

    2. Power: compare with Pineapple Chunk(BF), Red Dragon(DF), Opium(PS), White widow(GHS)

    3. Height: 1.5-3 m

    4. Yield: not big (we are working with it)

    5. Endurance: very good. Recomended for out.

    6. Smell: there are variatiions with smell. Smell present at one case and absent in another.

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  2. MCrusek

    MCrusek Banned Zbanowany

    Cool . I have (Duck's Foot x Low Ryder) x AK47 AF I will have to plant the Outdoor see what comes up
  3. What s wrong with pic nr 2/3 it looks wird...leafs
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  4. Fogger

    Fogger Kumaty

    It was bad soil. It is to hard find good soil in my city.
  5. why u just not gona order it online for example or u can always go hydro with such a big place u got... U got water supply there or u got place for water tanks?

    btw we re very happy to have u here and plz make photorelacion.
  6. Fogger

    Fogger Kumaty

    View attachment 3161 View attachment 3160
    There are clones of hybrids with hidden Nettle genes

    Mr Kloda, hydro is not that comfortable when you breeding. I made online purchase of soil and it turned out bad.
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  7. ah i see :-( anyway Sir make photrelacion we would love to see how it grow and how u cloning what kind of stuff u using for ur plants how u doing fim topping etc what lights u using :-)

    ur clones looks awesome!
  8. Srebrna KIA

    Srebrna KIA Błyskotlwy

    Very Very nice :D I'd like have this seeds :D
  9. Same here :-)
  10. Fogger

    Fogger Kumaty

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  11. Enteogenny

    Enteogenny Błyskotlwy

    Hey mate, maybe you update some photos of this clones ?
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  12. Yup can u add some photos?
  13. Fogger

    Fogger Kumaty

    View attachment 6603 View attachment 6604 View attachment 6605 Hi all. I had a lot of work last time. I can show some photos from out. These plants are ducksfoots #2 from Wally. We did exchange and know works with our strains. Also I works with very intresting strain "Mnogolistka" from one grower. I will show you this strain later.
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  14. nice as May Day?
  15. hi all

    DUCKFOOT strains - Poland

    duckfoot auto (100%)



    duckfoot auto + duckfoot fem klony na matki

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  16. Fogger

    Fogger Kumaty

    There is "Mnogolistka"- another intresting mutation I work with.
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  17. Muzyk

    Muzyk poprzedni nick - Wiki

    Hi Fogger! Are you going to show us some new stealth strains this season? I'm really interesed in your research about "Mnogolistka", it looks very promising :] I hope that you will keep posting! Take care and don't get caught ;)
  18. Fogger

    Fogger Kumaty

    Hi. I have no new at this moment but I work on it. If I have some news I will tell.
  19. Fogger Are U there ? we all very curious how the plants looks like at the Moment ? U gonna put any fresh pic ? Good luck man
  20. Fogger

    Fogger Kumaty

    I have no new good photos now but I ll have soon (after about 2 months). Cya
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