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Dyskusja w dziale Tłumaczenia rozpoczęta przez Salam alejkum w dniu 25.09.2014

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  1. Salam alejkum

    Salam alejkum Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Guide to Picking the Best Cannabis Seeds as a Cultivator

    Picking the best cannabis seeds for cultivation is half the battle won when it comes to getting good yield. You may want to cultivate the cannabis seeds either indoors or outdoors, or just resell the germinated seedlings to a third party, whatever you plan on doing with the seeds, it is important that you experience the best results with the seeds. This article hopes to enrich you with enough basic knowledge that will be useful if and when you would want to cultivate cannabis plants at any point of time in your life. Here are a few things that one must keep in mind when looking for the perfect cannabis seeds:

    Expected Yield

    One of the first features that you must look for is, how much of yield the seeds are able to cultivate. This is usually measured in grams per square foot. Also make sure that the expected yield is well within the limits set by the state law of the particular location. Be informed that the law on how much marijuana can be cultivated differs from state to state. If you plan on breeding an ingenious variety, make sure the yield is also within the permitted amount.

    Tetrahydrocannabinol Levels

    Tetrahydrocannabinol, commonly abbreviated as THC, happens to be the most important psychoactive ingredient, which is contained in a fully grown marijuana plant. When you look for cannabis seeds, one often looks at THC level that is sometimes mentioned in the description. Some cannabis seeds sellers choose to mention the THC levels and others don’t, this because THC levels vary depending the quality of the end product. In case your cannabis seeds do not have any THC mentioned, you can be sure that all strains are intended to have various levels of THC included and they will eventually have it. In places where cannabis is lawful, one can get the THC level tested in a lab.

    Delivery of the Seeds

    It should be made sure that the cannabis seeds are delivered right on time and discrete (here an example of a company which understands how to do it properly), so you are able to begin the germination in the month of February or March to take the seeds out for planting when the sun is out. Delivery of seeds in places where it is not lawful is done is many stealthy ways cleverly dodging the watchful eyes of the federal. Make sure it is done free of charge.

    Strain of the Cannabis Seeds

    Make sure you pick strains of cannabis that have won plenty of accolades from the experienced growers when it comes to yield, for instance like Big Bud; only then you can be sure that they are the best of the lot!
    The main pursuit for ardent collectors is to try to discover the most suitable cannabis seeds and be able to cultivate them with optimal yield. Mostly, each one of the strains will have a diverse set of features that will offer the cultivator a suitable variety of cannabis seeds that go well with their taste, and intended use.
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    Tłumacz Googla może trochę pomóc, resztę wystarczy poprawić.

  3. Salam alejkum

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    może ktoś to ułożyć żeby w miarę czytelne było?
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