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Blue Cream Caramel F1, 400W HPS, 1,44m2 - overdose or deficiency of nutritients ?

Dyskusja w dziale English Room rozpoczęta przez Highlander w dniu 08.12.2015

  1. Highlander

    Highlander Wiedza nadprzyrodzona

    I have absolutely no idea what's going on with those girls...
    View attachment 62119

    Any ideas ? Exclude overwatering - I'am trying to dry out the soil between every watering the plants. Nutritients I'am using: Plagron Terra Grow, dosage: 2,5 ml per 1 liter of water (half of the dose). Second girl looks even worse :( I will add a picture when I come home this evening.
  2. BobBudowniczy

    BobBudowniczy Wiedza nadprzyrodzona

    Are you using lightmix? Or what type of soil is it?
    Its look like 4 days plant why u even use nutritients?

    (I dont know what its callen in english) i mean this shitty small balls on the top of soil, take it off, you dont need it, this blocks the flow of oxygen into roots.

    You need to check your ph.
  3. KIMkolwiek

    KIMkolwiek Wiedza nadprzyrodzona

    its called " clay pebbles " or " expanded clay stone " Bob ;d
    and you right to took them out !
    do not fertilize them ! she is to young yet :(
    how often do you watering her ? look like a bit to much water for that young plant ..
    every 2-3 days about 100- 150 ml
    good luck mate ! :S
  4. Highlander

    Highlander Wiedza nadprzyrodzona

    This clay pebbles are part of my way to keep moisture in pots. I have some troubles with keeping stable temp. at 25'C. When I was building this box, I've made it suitable to vertical growth. After I've decided to switch to horizontal, and added reflector (handmade one) exhaustion fan is a bit too much covered with "wings" of reflector. So instead of relocating exhaustion hole, I switch passive intake into active, however still it is too hot.

    Next thing is they are much older than 4 days. first sprouts came up at 29 nov, so they have about 9-10 days now. I am wondering if HPS is not too high above the plants ? At the moment 60 cm above the plants. And I am afraid if I move it down, there will be too hot for the girls. Please come back here about 8-9 p.m. today, and I'll upload more pictures of box and plants. And maybe we can figure it out for 100% sure.

    If about soil - this is typical multipurpouse soil, with perlite added by myself.

    Oh, btw - I am watering them with demineralised water, in case to keep EC in order to lack of EC meter :/
  5. KIMkolwiek

    KIMkolwiek Wiedza nadprzyrodzona

    so perlit is enough for keep them moisturizing you can easily took away them pebbles
    if temperature is to high you have to put mixing fan just under the light for mixing the air and it won't be too hot ... light supposed to be about 10-20 cm on top of plants so they no get to tall but have more leafs you can check that with your arm ... just put ur arm under the light just above the girls and keep for about 5 mins and if u feel to hot just put it a bit more up ... I will back to you tonight but later than 8-9 o'clock ...

    sorry about my english but I am still learn haha

    see you later !
  6. Highlander

    Highlander Wiedza nadprzyrodzona

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  7. Nancy

    Nancy Wiedza nadprzyrodzona

    for me they're looks good, mayby a little bit overwatered, how often do you watering them and how much water do you use?
    clay pebbles are very dusty, you should rinse it before use becouse it could increase PH of the soil, remove it

    nice box btw;d:
  8. Highlander

    Highlander Wiedza nadprzyrodzona

    I'm not the guru of woodwork - I know ;d: But it had to be like this first time! And by the way - it cost me 40 euro ;d It's the price of PEX pipes and screws and drywall ;d Other elements were free. Next one will be ordered from SecretJardin :) But first I have to wait until I move to the new house. I was about to remove pebbels, when timer does "click" and cries "Night is coming! - (shut up!) " ;d Soooo... tomorrow :)

    About watering - no specified amount. I put the finger into soil and when its dry I am watering. but it may be a bit overwatered. Ill wait this time more before next watering and we will see :)

    I didn't mention, ONLY Cream Caramels are suffering somehow. Those 2 bigger plants (cross of WW with something) that I am training main lining on them are very well, and they did get the same amount of water and nutritients as caramels. And if someone ask why I keep 2 seedlings in smaller pots - answer is: backup in case I fuck up main lining and broke another 2 plants as I did with 2 already xD
  9. Nancy

    Nancy Wiedza nadprzyrodzona

    some strains are more sensitive
    is that digital hygrometer show 24%?;d anyway itshould be at least 55% on growing stage, I guess your buckets doesn't work;]
    try this:

    if you can increase humidity over 50% plants will grow much faster
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  10. KIMkolwiek

    KIMkolwiek Wiedza nadprzyrodzona

    WOW ! that box look cool ! 100% better than my first haha
    I see Nancy try to help ;d I was gonna ask her to do it ;d
    look like you in the great hands she is a very good grower !!
    you must look at her plants ! they look amazing !! :S

    good luck !! :S
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  11. Highlander

    Highlander Wiedza nadprzyrodzona

    Well.. I already did ask her for help;d sister was one of the first that respond on my first post here and did that speaking fluid english :P So she became my "first contact person" ;d Now I have one more sister xD Nice ;d

    If about hygrometer - I was wondering why analog is showing 45 and digital 20-24. I try the method from the movie, and upload some results.


    07:15 update towel humidifier is up and running - we will see if its working when I'll came home for 2-3 hours. And now, it's time to make some legal money :/
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  12. Highlander

    Highlander Wiedza nadprzyrodzona

    Well, thanks to you guys, new leafes seems to be much healthier than old ones! Big THANKS to all of you for advices! Nancy, KIMkolwiek (I am wondering how to pronouce your came correctlyxD ) see you soon Sisters!

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