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Automatic AK 47

Dyskusja w dziale Joint Doctors rozpoczęta przez MCrusek w dniu 08.03.2011

  1. MCrusek

    MCrusek Banned

    Automatic AK 47 - Lowlife Seeds

    Selecting the very best AK 47 plant that Lowlife Seeds could find and subsequently crossing it with the original Lowryder has resulted in the Automatic AK 47, a fast growing and flowering cannabis hybrid which can be grown almost anywhere.
    About Automatic AK 47

    The qualities of AK 47, such as its aroma, potency and resin-encrusted buds, have been retained whilst endowing it with its remarkable auto-flowering hybrid seeds characteristics. Auto-flowering strains flower in response to age rather than light cycle. Lowlife Seeds Automatic AK47 will grow vegetatively for approximately 14 days then enter into a rapid, almost violent flowering period. For the next 56 days it will branch out profusely, throwing out pistils in their thousands, calyxes will swell and a coating of resin glands will make the mature plant glisten as if dusted with fine diamonds. Automatic AK 47 will be fully mature in only 70 days, beginning the flowering cycle only 14 days after growth starts. Whether you want to grow indoors or outdoors, in a window box or balcony, you will be able to cultivate connoisseur cannabis in almost any conditions. Indoors a lighting regime of 20 hours on and 4 hours off will result in the maximum growth, even during the flowering cycle. An explosion of calyx growth awaits as flowering commences rapidly on this bushy variety. Indoors under lights is the optimum growing environment for Automatic AK47, coupled with a light regime of 20/4 and adequate root space, yield can easily surpass 40g per plant but even outdoors with no supplemental lighting during summer, 30g per plant is very common. Outdoors growers will be able to get more than one harvest per season depending on latitude this could be as many as 3 harvest per year. We believe that our Automatic AK47 is the most potent auto-flowering hybrid available as well as the heaviest yielder.
    Automatic AK 47 details:

    * Cannabis genetics: AK 47 x Original Lowryder
    * Type: Auto-flowering F1 hybrid (Sativa/Ruderalis)
    * Flowering: 56 days
    * Harvest: 70 days after sprouting
    * Growing environment: Indoors or outdoors
    * Characteristics: Very odorous, potent, autoflowering strain
    * Seeds per pack: 10


    Odmiana ciekawa, coś jak Disel Ryder, ale droższa o 35zł :<
    Na trawce mnie spamem obrzucili (czasami tam wchodzę... ), że powstaje jakiś sklep który będzie mieć tą odmianę F2.

    Pożyjemy, zobaczymy Może zakorzenią się trochę wśród polskich rolników, co nie udało się Afghan Ryderowi, Slow Snow, Skunk ryderowi i kilku innym ;p
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