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16 year old is brain damaged from smoking "synthetic marijuana"

Dyskusja w dziale Tłumaczenia rozpoczęta przez ZIELONA w dniu 30.12.2013

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    ZIELONA Administrator Administrator

    Emily Bauer was a normal 16 year old girl full of light and laughter, until she decided to try and smoke "Kush", a synthetic marijuana sold under the name potpourri by corner stores and headshops in the area. Emily figured because her friends were doing it, and all seemed fine, that she would be okay. She was terribly mistaken, as is thousands of others who have suffered complications from smoking "fake weed". Kush is unregulated, and you never know what's in it, since the makers are constantly changing a chemical in the compound to find a loophole every time it is outlawed.

    Within 15 minutes of smoking, Emily told her boyfriend that she had a migraine and was going to lay down. She then suffered strokes which put her in a psychotic like state, where she proceeded to urinate herself, run into walls, speak gibberish, hallucinate and act violent. The police were called to help restrain her into an ambulance, where she was taken to Northwest Cypress Hospital. The doctors put Emily into an induced coma, where she spent the next 4 days in ICU as they did multiple tests on her brain.

    The doctors quickly found out she had strokes, and it had caused severe vasculitis and that parts of her brain were permanently shut down and damaged from the blood vessels contracting and cutting off the oxygen to her brain-- but they also gave us hopes, one as such that she could hear us talking, because her heart rate would rise while we were in the room holding her hand, and stroking the hair off of her swollen face.

    cały tekst do przetłumaczenia - 16 year old is brain damaged from smoking "synthetic marijuana" - CNN iReport
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.